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Johanne Clieme Lazarre, people mostly know her as Joe or Joey. Joe is one of the co- hosts on #Thateam
Podcast. Johanne truly is one of a kind. Joe was born in Paris, France and later moved to Miami, Florida.
After the passing of her father, she moved to West haven, Connecticut. Johanne has a unique outlook
on life due to the many places she has lived. To the group, Joe is considered the responsible one, with a
flare of stubbornness especially when it comes to standing up for herself. She is also considered the shy
one, but by listening to the podcast it’s hard to believe. She enjoys spending time with herself, painting
and self-educating herself on things she is fascinated by. Johanne has a degree in Criminal Justice and a
major In Paralegal and Psychology. Who knows how she ended up in Education?! Nevertheless, if you
heard how passionate Johanne speaks about her students, you would instantly think this was her calling.

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