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#ThaTeam Podcast consists of a lively group of friends: Rebekah, Latrelle, Johanne and Danni. From a conversation during one of their legendary road trips, this 10+ year friendship transformed into a business that has grown within their community and in the podcasting arena. In March 2018, these friends converted their group chat into a bi-weekly platform that discusses relationships, politics, health and everything in between. There is nothing that they leave on the table. 

Their mission is to entertain, inform and inspire their audience through fun, healthy, and intriguing conversations. They have created an outlet for millennials to discuss topics and experiences that would otherwise go unnoticed. #ThaTeam Podcast has been acknowledged by many organizations and platforms including the Arts Council of New Haven (Connecticut). They live by the saying “Your voice is your power. Use it to create change”. With their platform, they are doing just that.





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